Janae and Iain’s Wedding

October, fall colors, Yosemite, family, perfect weather and a wedding! A magical weekend!

Chris and I attended Janae and Iain’s wedding at The Majestic Hotel in the Yosemite Valley this past weekend. The Saturday morning ceremony was followed by a beautiful lunch reception in the Mural Room. The bride and groom traveled from New Jersey. April, Iain’s daughter came from Germany and Iain’s parents from South Africa. The rest of us traveled from California and Oregon. A few of my pics…


Fall Home

Fall home pics taken just before we hosted Janae, Iain, April and Marian for dinner last week. The afternoon light was perfect.


Around Here

I bought one of these white pumpkins, hollowed it out (not easy) and filled it with dried flowers. I love the way it turned out. Hope it lasts all month.

Best thank you card ever!

Dinner by Chris.

We started our backyard upgrade. Chris spent every free minute doing demo. The landscape crew starts  next week, hopefully.

My driftwood collection.

Some good lunches out – at Tender Greens and Nordstrom Cafe.

I love this sign on our neighbor’s living room.

We checked out Porto’s Bakery Sunday morning. Impressive. We loved the meat pies and potato balls, and the tile floor.

Chris and our loved housekeeper. 


A Favorite Quote

7 Rules for a Happy Life

1. Be humble
2. Don’t worry
3. Don’t settle for less
4. Mind your business
5. Work hard
6. Play hard
7. Be nice
Germany Kent
Graphic from lauren.salgado – instagram.


Jan’s Fresh Corn Side

Jan made this delicious corn dish when Chris and I were in Danville about 2 weeks ago. She served it with BBQ ribs and chicken, grilled zucchini and sourdough bread. Super simple and so good!

Fresh corn on the cob, cut from cob

Fresh pepper, diced (sweet or hot)


Salt and pepper

Saute corn in ample butter until golden.

Add diced pepper. Saute more.

Add salt and pepper to taste. Note cute spoon.Enjoy.