Backyard Upgrade

Our backyard upgrade is coming along. Done: driveway gate and privacy fence topper, back patio, irrigation, yard re-landscaping and planting and fire pit purchase. We contracted with Armstrong Nursery for a landscape design and purchased all our plants and planting materials from them. We modified the design a bit and then contracted with Vista Landscaping to do the majority of the work. Chris did all the demo and built the patio cover. He also rebuilt the driveway gate and fence topper and did some stucco and painting work. 


To do: re-do electrical and add small amount of lighting, add new door from family room to yard and purchase patio furniture. More pics to come.


Fall Home

Fall home pics taken just before we hosted Janae, Iain, April and Marian for dinner last week. The afternoon light was perfect.


Within A Mile

While we love where we live, our neighborhood is “regular”. The houses are small to medium sized, some lovingly cared for, some not. Varying attention is given to front yards and sometimes there are way too many cars in the driveways and streets. We are near a major street with lots of shops and and services and again, some are very nice, some are not. But if you look close, there is a lot of goodness. On a recent morning walk, within a mile of our house, I took these twelve pics. I love them. 


Pizza at Home

We make pizza at home a couple of times a month. Usually it is a weekend thing, but last Wednesday we made a market run and whipped up a delicious dinner for ourselves.

We use store bought, but fresh dough and let it sit out for a while and then roll it out. It is never circular. 

Next, we cook up some good crumbly sausage. Sometimes we like Canadian bacon or just vegetables. We also like to add peppers, but forgot them on this day. 

We use store bought sauce, sauté the onions and slice up mushrooms.

Once we roll out the dough we transfer it to parchment paper, spread it lightly with sauce and lightly with mozzarella cheese.

Next, we add the onion, sausage and top it off with a little more cheese.

We bake it on a stone (preheated) at 400 degrees until it looks good, around 12 minutes. This is the dicey part, getting the pizza, on the parchment, onto a very hot stone and into the oven. Worth it though. The crust is delicious.

Here it is. We let is sit for awhile, maybe 10 minutes.

We cut it up.



Hygge ( “HUE-gah”)  is a Danish word that has no English translation. It is a hot word right now, and is used to describe is the process of enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness. Contentment. Good feelings. A warm glow. This is how the Danish Company, Skagan describes Hygge. Another piece I read about hygge stated you can’t buy hygge, nor can you get someone to create it for you. It is the Nordic state of contentment that can be found only at home. This picture, for me, captures hygge.