C and K


We picked up sandwiches from the Continental Deli and headed for the beach last Friday. We made it just in time for sunset. We got the fire going, ate and had one of the best bonfires ever. It was a super clear night with no wind. We burned two boxes of wood and then headed home. 


Interfaith Thanksgiving Food Distribution

Last Saturday I took photos of and helped out with registration at IFC’s Thanksgiving Food Distribution. It was an important and affirming event. Over 800 families were served by the amazing IFC staff, donors and volunteers.

Hunger is not an issue of charity. It is an issue of justice. ~ Jacques Diouf

Chris puts a lot of heart, soul and plain old hard work into IFC on a year round basis. He serves on the board and in the warehouse. He fixes things, solves problems, organizes stuff, supports the staff and other volunteers and has fun doing it. His commitment to those in need in our community is deep and lasting.


New Boots

We took advantage of the recent REI sale and got ourselves some new boots. This is my third pair of Merrells, and the fourth or fifth pair for Chris. They got a good workout this past weekend. Here they are at Murphy Ranch Park. 


(amazing) Chino Hills Hike

This past Tuesday I was able to take a random week day off. Chris, having worked 15 (!) days in a row, was happy to schedule himself off. On this second day of spring, on what we think is an epic year for wildflowers, we headed to Chino Hills State Park. We paid our $5 entrance fee, parked at the cute campground and headed out for a 5 mile loop hike to Four Corners. The trail was crazy dense with high, high foilage and so thick much of the time we couldn’t see our feet. We both agree this hike was one of our best ever!