Around Here

Most recently it has been all about Christmas! The lights are up, the house is decorated, most gifts have been purchased and some gifts are wrapped. These pics are from the first weekend of December.

A few favorite ornaments.

The Uptown Whittier tree.

We have the best neighbors who invite us to beautiful dinners with fancy, delicious food. The bravery in preparing Beef Wellington for eight was inspiring and no one can decorate better than this hostess!


Interfaith Thanksgiving Food Distribution

Last Saturday I took photos of and helped out with registration at IFC’s Thanksgiving Food Distribution. It was an important and affirming event. Over 800 families were served by the amazing IFC staff, donors and volunteers.

Hunger is not an issue of charity. It is an issue of justice. ~ Jacques Diouf

Chris puts a lot of heart, soul and plain old hard work into IFC on a year round basis. He serves on the board and in the warehouse. He fixes things, solves problems, organizes stuff, supports the staff and other volunteers and has fun doing it. His commitment to those in need in our community is deep and lasting.


Within A Mile

While we love where we live, our neighborhood is “regular”. The houses are small to medium sized, some lovingly cared for, some not. Varying attention is given to front yards and sometimes there are way too many cars in the driveways and streets. We are near a major street with lots of shops and and services and again, some are very nice, some are not. But if you look close, there is a lot of goodness. On a recent morning walk, within a mile of our house, I took these twelve pics. I love them. 


The Fair

Right on schedule, the third weekend of May, the fair came to town. On our Saturday night walk, after the library and market, we walked through the fairgrounds. We ran into a few people we knew, contemplated buying some fair food (but did not), watched the cake walk a bit and reviewed the silent auction wares. We listened to the very good band and then headed home. It’s the same every year. We always go.