Post Thanksgiving Palm Springs Get Away

We spent the first part of this week in Palm Springs. We went a little out of our way so we could stop in  Idyllwood to do some hiking and see the small town. We hiked the Ernie Maxwell trail (easy to moderate, out and back, total of 5 miles with 700 foot elevation gain), ate pizza and wandered through a few shops.

On the way down, out of the mountains, from the pines to the palms, we came across Lake Fulmor. This sweet lake is beautiful! The late afternoon light was perfect. These are my favorite pics of the trip.

After spending an hour or so at this hidden gem we headed to Palm Springs. We checked into The Old Ranch. This is, I think, our 4th visit here. We walked to the Fisherman’s Market and Grill for dinner, wandered around town for a bit and called it an early night. After a stop at the fanciest Starbucks ever, we spent the next morning biking the City Loop Bike Route. A long, mostly flat trail with a lot of variety made for one of my favorite rides ever. 

After Chris recovered with some pool time, we spent a good chunk of the afternoon checking out patio and furniture consignment stores on our ongoing (and as of yet, unsuccessful) search for patio furniture. We ended up in La Quinta where we visited an IFC friend at her cool, mid-century modern home. We explored La Quinta and then picked Mimmo’s Italian Restaurant for dinner. Good choice! Our server. Claude, pronounced “Clode” was entertaining and provided us with complimentary lemoncello which he felt would be perfect with our creme brulee dessert. We ended the day window shopping on El Paseo in Palm Desert.

We headed home the following morning but not before a another Starbucks stop and a short ride around downtown and the Historic Tennis Club area. We love our quick get-aways to Palm Springs; will be back soon!


Powder Canyon Hike

It’s been too long since we hiked the local trails. Inspired by lower temps and a free Saturday morning we decided to head for Powder Canyon. We did about 5 miles and then carried on with the usual Saturday chores.

Looks like some was documenting their hikes during September and October.


Our Last Day in Canada

We spent the majority of our last day in Canada hiking in a provincial park called Fish Creek Park. Provincial parks are equivalent to our state parks. This park was much too large to see it all. We choose to hike in the more forested, hilly area. We were on a combination of paved and dirt trails and encountered many bicyclists. 

After returning from our hike we dropped the car back at our apartment and walked back to Stephen Avenue. We had a very late lunch at the Irish Pub we ate at our first night. Below are the appetizers we ordered. We followed these with fish and chips.

The one remaining thing we hadn’t done was the Crescent Heights Stairs. Actually I had no big desire to climb these, especially immediately after the above, but Chris was into it. In addition to providing a workout these stairs provide one of the best views of the city. I waited at the bottom. He loved it.

As we approached our apartment on the way back I shot a few pics. This place worked out great for us. It was roomy with a well equipped kitchen and we loved the daily light housekeeping services. Our apartment is the top left unit.

The views included the skyline and colorful picnic tables.

We packed up and turned in early. Our 6:30am flight home required a 3:30 wake up alarm. We are slowly working our way across Canada from west to east. Up next, maybe Toronto??


Lake Louise

This day started at 5:30 (painful, but worth it). Lake Louise is about a 2-hour drive from Calgary. We had only a day there and wanted as much time as possible. Lake Louise is world famous for its turquoise water,  the Victoria Glacier, soaring mountain backdrop and the palatial Fairmont hotel. The color of the water is result of light refracting off the glacier silt deposited in the lake by glacier run off. The color of the lake is most vibrant in July and August when rate of glacier melting is at its highest.

We parked and rounded a trail to see this on our right.

and this on our left.

We decided to hike to Lake Agnes. This is an up and back trail (3.4km each way) with an elevation gain of almost 400m. The trail ends at Lake Agnes, another beautiful lake, and a tea house. We skipped the tea and headed a bit higher for more views. We snacked at the top then headed down.

By the time we returned to the base of the lake, there were many, many people roaming all over. We heard many languages. The people watching was great. We took a few more pics of the lake, ate the rest of our picnic food and then explored the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. It is beautiful and had many good food options. We bought some pastries and then hit the road back to Calgary. 


New Boots

We took advantage of the recent REI sale and got ourselves some new boots. This is my third pair of Merrells, and the fourth or fifth pair for Chris. They got a good workout this past weekend. Here they are at Murphy Ranch Park.