Around Here

Around Here

Chicken pot pie and beef pot pie have been on the menu this past 2 weeks,

also, cookies,

and, breakfast at Mimi’s.

UCLA is looking very pretty.

Chris decorated our fence and tree.

The morning light through our tree.

I have been wrapping.

Beauty at my paking lot.


Around Here

Most recently it has been all about Christmas! The lights are up, the house is decorated, most gifts have been purchased and some gifts are wrapped. These pics are from the first weekend of December.

A few favorite ornaments.

The Uptown Whittier tree.

We have the best neighbors who invite us to beautiful dinners with fancy, delicious food. The bravery in preparing Beef Wellington for eight was inspiring and no one can decorate better than this hostess!


Around Here

It’s been all about our yard this past month. Our major backyard re-do continues. So far, the irrigation is in, the patio flooring is in and the patio cover is underway.

Our little neighbor turned two last month! We attended her very cute Minnie Mouse themed party. 

Mini pumpkins at Sprouts.

Spiced apples (made the house smell delicious).

We spent a recent Saturday doing a major clean out of the garage and shed. Lots of unneeded tools and random bits.



Around Here

I bought one of these white pumpkins, hollowed it out (not easy) and filled it with dried flowers. I love the way it turned out. Hope it lasts all month.

Best thank you card ever!

Dinner by Chris.

We started our backyard upgrade. Chris spent every free minute doing demo. The landscape crew starts  next week, hopefully.

My driftwood collection.

Some good lunches out – at Tender Greens and Nordstrom Cafe.

I love this sign on our neighbor’s living room.

We checked out Porto’s Bakery Sunday morning. Impressive. We loved the meat pies and potato balls, and the tile floor.

Chris and our loved housekeeper. 


Around Here

I love these old tiled walls in terminal 4 at LAX.

An ussie.

Hot summer sky.

Old license plate from the Wantland’s Moreland.

Dinner last weekend included good fruit.


Driveway fire pit last week.

Dinner Sunday night at Famous Dave’s BBQ in Irvine.