Hidden Stairway Walk in Highland Park

We got our steps in on New Year’s Eve morning with a hidden stairway walk. We have done a lot of these. This was our least favorite. First, the directions were confusing and we parked in the wrong place resulting in a lot of extra steps. Second, we saw a lot of trash and graffiti and general sketchiness. Lastly, the views of the city were few and not great. However, I got some good pics and that made it worth it for me. Breakfast on the way home made it worth it for Chris. 


Uptown Whittier

One night last week Chris went to the Demolition Derby (demolition of RVs! – he said it was wild) at the OC Fair. I was invited, but declined and instead went to the Art Stroll that happens the second Wednesday of the month in Uptown Whittier. Sadly the Art Stroll was not what I was expecting (disappointing in quality and quantity) but I was glad I went. I roamed the streets and discovered a few new restaurants and shops. I, as usual, took photos. Here are a few.


Tomsic Visit

Mark, Jan and Kat visited this weekend. We BBQ’d at home Friday night and celebrated Kat’s 22nd birthday with an ice cream cake. Kat, just back from Europe, shared her travel journal, photos and adventures and we then wandered down to the neighbors for a bit. We girls made granola Saturday, ate ramen and shopped the cool downtown Fullerton shops. Chris and Mark spent most of the day at Dodger stadium for the Dodgers versus Giants game. We all met up, along with the Smith group, here for dinner. A short, but sweet visit.


South Whittier Library

I had never heard about this library but was interested in checking it out after I saw a picture of the outdoor space online sometime back. So I checked it out one day after work. It is located in South Whittier, on the corner of Colima and Telegraph, and has been open less than a year. The indoor space is nice, open and light, but the outdoor patio is a highlight.